Sguil: full content logging in combination with Snort_inline, revisited *again*

Note to self: never assume something works, instead, test it.

Yesterday there was some discussion in the #snort channel over whether or not passing multiple interface to snort works or not. As a reminder, some time ago i noted that passing two interfaces to snort like this: ‘snort -i eth0:eth1’ worked just fine. However, common mentioned in irc that he could not imagine it to be working. Determined to proof him wrong, i decided to run a few test. On my gateway, i ran ‘snort -v -i eth0:eth1 ip proto 1’. This should print all ICMP packets to the screen for both interfaces. The first clue that something wasn’t right was this message:

OpenPcap() device eth0:eth1 network lookup:
eth0:eth1: no IPv4 address assigned

Anyhow, i continued a pinged the gateway from the eth0 network. Worked fine. Then from the eth1 network. No dice. Damn. So i switched the interfaces like this ‘snort -v -i eth1:eth0 ip proto 1’. Guess what? Now eth1 worked and eth0 didn’t.

This was about the time i also remembered that in Sguil i had a few cases where i didn’t get any data in a transscript, although it should have been there. Because i am very busy, i had not yet investigated it.

On #snort a few more people said that it didn’t work for them, but for Joel Esler it still does. Weird. Anyhow, i am now back to running sancp and the full content logger on the ‘any’ pseudo interface, both with a BPF filter excluding local loopback from being recorded. So that look like this ‘snort -v -i any not host’.

What remains is the nat issue, but i have decided that i also want the full content logging on the wan side, so i think there is no solution for the double recording of natted connections.