Modsec2sguil 0.6 released

I’ve just release a new version of modsec2sguil, the set of Perl scripts that feeds ModSecurity alerts to Sguil. No new features, but many changes ‘under the hood’. I’ve created two modules, ModsecAlert and SguilBarnyardComms. These can be used in a Object Oriented way to parse ModSecurity events and communitcate a Sguil sensor agent.

It would be interesting to see if the SguilBarnyardComms module could be connected with the work of Jason Brevnik of SourceFire, who wrote a Barnyard replacement in Perl. If I have some spare time, I will have a look at this.

After this release, I want to look at bypassing the sensor_agent altogether and instead connect directly to the Sguil server. Bamm Visscher has plans to redesign parts of the agent – server communications. In the new ideas Sguil moves away from the one monolithic sensor_agent. Instead, different tasks will have their own agent which connects directly to the sguil server. For example a sancp sensor, a snort sensor, a pcap sensor, etc. Next, a number of the same sensors would be able to share a common id, called network id. This way the user can ask a transcript for an alert produced by a modsec sensor. It is my intention to create a Perl module or library that will make creating new agents for this setup easy.

Anyway, thats the future, modsec2sguil 0.6 is ready for your testing right now! Let me know how it works for you!

Download it here: