A word about my current employment situation

Yesterday the talks between me and my employer of the last five years broke down in disagreement. The company where I have been working as a part-time Sytem Admin for the last five years next to my study, offered me a job in their webdevelopment team. It wasn’t security related, but it sounded interesting enough since I would mostly work on the backend where connections with databases and third parties would be handled. Anyway, the talks broke down so I’m now looking for work.

My work experience in the IT field consists of the two jobs I currently (still) have. The first is as a part-time System Admin in a very competetive company operating in the travel market. It is a mostly Windows environment, with more than fifty workstations and about fifteen servers. Here I have done all administration for about three years, after which I got someone to support me. From that moment I have been working on the more difficult issues, planning new projects and preparing work for my co-worker.

The other job is a part-time position at a small IT Consultancy company. Here my main focus was on setting up and administration of Linux firewalls, email servers and database servers, as well as some limited development work. Next to this I was involved in supporting the consultant in thinking through advices to customers on a broad range of issues.

I just graduated in August, and hold a Masters degree in a non-IT related field.

I’m especially interested in security work of course, since that has been my passion for the last couple of years. I have been working on a Firewall project, an IPS project and a NSM project. My programming skills are mostly C, but also Perl, Bash and to a lesser degree C#. This experience ranges between socket programming, complex data structures, GUI programming and performance critical programming. I know a lot about Firewalls, IDS’ and IPS’ and TCP/IP in general.

So, if you know of any interesting security project, tell me! 😉

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  1. Victor,

    We’re an enterprise management suite for Snort. Can you email me your resume?

    Eric S. Hines, GCIA, CISSP
    CEO, President, Chairman
    Applied Watch Technologies, LLC


    Eric S. Hines, GCIA, CISSP
    CEO, President, Chairman
    Applied Watch Technologies, LLC


    Email: eric.hines@appliedwatch.com
    Address: 1095 Pingree Road
    Suite 221
    Crystal Lake, IL
    Tel: (877) 262-7593 ext:327
    Local: (847) 854-5831
    Fax: (847) 854-5106
    Web: http://www.appliedwatch.com

    Security Management for the Open Source Enterprise

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