Snort_inline: getting closer to

I’m back from my vacation which was very nice. Hardly did any geek stuff, other than meeting up with Philippe, who lives in Paris. It was the first time I met someone I got to know through the Vuurmuur project 🙂

So with Snort_inline things aren’t moving as fast as I hoped, but there is certainly progress. I’m currently hunting for a few bugs. First of all I’ve seen it segfault on me once. Sadly I had forgotten to enable coredumps, so no clue as of why. Second, William and I have been ironing out some issues where the new stream4 mode was getting mixed up with the old. I think these are pretty much taken care of now. Third, there is a bug where an unified alert fired by http_inspect doesn’t contain a payload. Finally, i’m hunting what appears to be a heisenbug in the new stream reassembly, because I’ve never encountered it since I’m actually looking for it.

Still it has been running on my gateway with good stability and performance for a few weeks now. So I think that if we can find the http_inspect issue, we should be ready for a beta release…