Snort_inline BETA 1 released!

William Metcalf has finally released the new Snort_inline version we have been working on so hard, the first release of our code against Snort 2.6. The last release was in June 2006.

Of course, we continue to lag behind SourceFire, as they just released 2.7.0 BETA 1, but I have good hope that we will be able to keep up a little bit better the following time!

Anyway, get the release from the SourceForge download section!

2 thoughts on “Snort_inline BETA 1 released!

  1. I noticed that the clamav-preprocessor will not build against the latest (.90) clamav release. Is this a known issue?

  2. I think Will has done some fixes in svn to support the new ClamAV version. Maybe you can try the latest svn?

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