Vuurmuur SVN now open

For version control for Vuurmuur development I have been using Bazaar and Bazaar-NG. I’ve never really gotten used to Bazaar-NG. I admit that this is mostly due to lack of trying. For the Snort_inline project I have gotten used to Subversion, for which I even bought a book (Practical Subversion by Garrett Rooney, great book!). So recently I decided to move Vuurmuur also to SVN, for these three reasons:

  • this way I need to work with only one tool
  • people in the OSS community are more used to SVN so it’s easier for users and people interested in contributing
  • Bazaar-NG doesn’t support SVN-style tags, except (I think) for the latest version which is not in my distro

So the SVN repository is now open. It is hosted at SourceForge at:

I’m working on an update to the install script to be able to update your installation to the latest SVN version automatically. Checking out the latest code can be done with the command:

svn co

Check it out! 🙂