Matt Jonkman leaves Bleeding Edge

Matt Jonkman is stepping out of the Bleeding Edge project. He announced this here. Apparently Sensory Networks, one of the sponsors of the project, now owns it. It will be interesting to see if they will continue it, and if so, how. Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical, since to my knowledge not many Sensory people are directly involved at this moment. Still I believe Sensory consists of good people. I did a contract job for them about a year ago, and enjoyed working with them.

I think I speak for many if I say “Thanks” for all the hard work Jonkman has done for Bleeding, and I really look forward to new projects he will start or get involved in! Thanks Matt!

4 thoughts on “Matt Jonkman leaves Bleeding Edge

  1. I understand this was not a voluntary exit on his part.

    Quite unfortunate…

  2. Jonkman it’s too bad your giving this up. I didn’t know this was owned by a corporate entity, and I’m quite surprised by this revelation.

    I have enjoyed your work and quips on IRC and hope to see you still hanging around.

    If not let us know where your sign is hanging, I for one will be glad to be there for counter-quips and other support 😉

  3. I know Matt is actively working on a new project as we speak.

    In this time of uncertainy, I decided to move the dns-bh list to it’s own domain ( — one of the reasons was to keep it from being under a single corporate identity.

    I hope to have an affiliation or relationship with Matt in the very near future. One of the most useful feeds to the DNS-BH list was from the bleeding sandbox.

    David Glosser

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