Vuurmuur makes it into Debian (Sid)

Thanks to the hard work of Debian’s Daniel Baumann Vuurmuur has been included in Debian unstable/Sid. This hopefully means that Vuurmuur will be getting a lot more users. Eventually it should get into testing and even stable, although the next release “lenny” will come too soon for that. The “lenny” feature freeze was already in place before Vuurmuur got included in Sid. Anyway, for me this is big news!

See here for the packages:

Big thanks to Daniel Bauman!

2 thoughts on “Vuurmuur makes it into Debian (Sid)

  1. Hey Victor,

    Just want to congratulate you for the great job!


  2. Hi Victor,

    well, thank you for doing vuurmuur in the first place.

    For those who use lenny: As already pointed out, lenny will definitely not have vuurmuur included. However, once it’s released, I’ll provide backports to lenny, in the meanwhile lenny users can just install the package from sid which works well.


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