Vuurmuur 0.7 is out

A new version of Vuurmuur is out: 0.7. This release mainly fixes bugs and build issues. Translations are generated and installed again, lots of traffic shaping fixes were made.

Support for pmtu MSS clamping was added, as was support for NAT source port randomization.

See for all changes.

Debs for Debian and Ubuntu are available, see

The source installer and Autopackage are on the ftp server:

Looking forward, I’m planning on improving the services handling in 0.8. Especially supporting all protocols from /etc/protocols, instead of just a small list of hardcodes ones. Check to monitor the plans and progress on the 0.8 release. Suggestions & help are welcome!

Update November 3rd: RPMS are available as well:

4 thoughts on “Vuurmuur 0.7 is out

  1. Agreed, I just don’t have the time to build them. We do have spec files in the source package so cooking your own should be fairly trivial.

  2. Hi, great piece of software! Will there be an update in the near future? I’m looking forward to it, I hope the project isn’t dead!

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