Vuurmuur development

Ever since I’ve been working on the OISF engine I’ve been unable to spend much time on my Vuurmuur project. Luckily it seems development is picking up some speed again because there are some (new) people working on some improvements. Two development branches have been started in svn. The first is “nflog” which is meant for the development of support for libnetfilter_log to replace the current syslog based vuurmuur_log.

The second is called “ipv6” and is meant for adding IPv6 support to Vuurmuur as a frontend to ip6tables. This is going to be quite an effort, but I’m excited that it got started!

Anyone interested in joining the development effort is welcome to do so. Join us at #vuurmuur on freenode.

On a side note, last week I released Vuurmuur 0.8 beta 2, exactly 6 months after beta 1. I’ll try to do the next release a little sooner!