Suricata 1.0.0 released

After many months of hard work by the development team of the OISF, we have just released the first stable release of Suricata: 1.0.0. I’m really proud we pulled it off to create this stable release and to do it on time.

I think it’s a good release too. Is it perfect? No, we have a list known issues that we will continue to work on. So expect a 1.0.1 and maybe more maintenance releases in the following weeks.

On July 16th we will be having a public meeting in San Francisco to discuss the next major development milestone. Everyone is welcome to join us there to bring in new ideas. If you can’t make it, no sweat, you can also send ideas to us privately or discuss them on our mailing lists.

2 thoughts on “Suricata 1.0.0 released

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  2. I am a Linux (Ubuntu) newcomer, and in a few months I recognize I have become very interested about this OS. Some weeks ago I felt the curiosity of trying something similar to ‘Comodo Defense+’ HIPS in Linux and wasn’t able to find any GUI compliance similar solution. Today I have read about Suricata and I thought maybe … maybe … well, just wanted to try it, but …

    … it would be nice having a debian package to give it a try. Congratulations for the rollout anyway.

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