Suricata 1.1 beta 1 released

Today we’ve released Suricata 1.1 beta 1, the first beta of the upcoming Suricata 1.1 release. The official release announcement is here on the OISF website.

The main focus of the new release has been to improve performance and to add support to the features the new ET/ETpro ruleset needs. ET and ETpro have rulesets specially tuned and geared for Suricata. We’re still missing some new rule keywords that are used by VRT, so in the 1.1 beta 2 release we’ll address that.

Other than that, I got quite a few patches waiting. We’ll be improving stream reassembly, inline mode, prelude output, and numerous other things.

Like always, please give this a try and let us know how it works for you!