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The last few years Vuurmuur development has been very slow, not to say pretty much stagnant. This had a couple of reasons. The first is that my attention was drawn to other projects, mostly Suricata these days. The second reason is that Vuurmuur pretty much does all I want. The third reason is that despite some minor contributions, no other developer has stepped up to take over.

Meanwhile, people continued using Vuurmuur, it made it’s way into Debian, got removed from it again, made it’s way into Ubuntu. Lately, every few weeks someone would ask me if Vuurmuur was still being developed. My answer always was “yes, but very slowly”.

I plan to change that. The reason? IPv6. I’ve been using IPv6 on and off over the years, usually through the experimental tunnel service my ISP offered. But a while back my ISP started offering native IPv6 connectivity, which I’m using on a daily basis now. In the feature set Vuurmuur has, IPv6 is the only glaring omission. So, it’s time to address that.

Over the next months my idea is to slowly start adding IPv6 support to Vuurmuur. As I’m already using a simple script the idea is to start with logging support. Then move up from there.

Supporting all current features on IPv6 is going to require a lot of effort. In some cases I’m not even sure we can. But getting at least a basic IPv6 ruleset going should be fairly straightforward. If you’re interested in helping out, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Vuurmuur IPv6

  1. Hi,

    First of all I want to say that I praise Vuurmuur for all it’s features and because it is the only firewall that has an interactive configuration menu without using a vulnerable Web- or GTK GUI. Ideal for servers and desktops. That is why it’s Fortress Linux default firewall (and Suricata is the default IDS).

    Though I would like to help you with Vuurmuur, I don’t have much time left next to Fortress Linux to work on Vuurmuur., but I can help you testing Vuurmuur’s IPv6 extensions on our servers, since we have access to multiple IPv6 addresses.

  2. Hi, ipv6 support seems lacking on firewalls in general, and yet without nat, ipv6 needs an effective firewall more than even ipv4.
    So I am waiting anxiously and monitoring several projects.
    If I could cast votes for the next desirable feature, ipv6 would get that vote.


  3. Hi… i’m happy with vuurmuur, is a excelent program, but sad because his developer is slower, my english is not very good, i speaking spanish, i wanna help you with that if it’s possible

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