First stable release in the 1.4 branch, right in time for the holidays. Enjoy!


Photo by Eric LeblondThe OISF development team is proud to announce Suricata 1.4. This release is a major improvement over the previous releases with regard to performance, scalability and accuracy. Also, a number of great features have been added.

Get the new release here: suricata-1.4.tar.gz

The biggest new features of this release are the Unix Socket support, IP Reputation support and the addition of the Luajit keyword. Each of these new features are still in active development, and should be approached with some care.

The 1.4 release improves performance and scalability a lot. The IP Defrag engine was rewritten to scale better, various packet acquisition methods were improved and various parts of the detection engine were optimized further.

The configuration file has evolved but backward compatibility is provided. We thus encourage you to update your suricata configuration file. Upgrade guidance is provided here: Upgrading_Suricata_13_to_Suricata_14

New features

  • Unix socket mode for batched processing of…

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