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Inliniac is my blog about all kinds of inline network security, NSM and Intrusion Detection. I may also use it to write about other subjects that I find interesting.


My name is Victor Julien. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a IT professional and enthusiast. During my studies, I have worked as system and network administrator. I lead the development effort for Suricata, the Open Source IDS/IPS that is developed by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). For more info see my LinkedIn profile.

My projects

Past projects:

  • I’m the author of a ModSecurity agent for Sguil called modsec2sguil.
  • SidReporter: a collaborative approach to IDS.
  • I was of the developers that worked on the Snort_inline project. Here I focused mostly on the TCP state engine and stream reassembler. I originally created the ClamAV plugin for Snort, which is now mostly maintained by Snort_Inline maintainer William Metcalf.

I’m on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/inliniac and on Mastodon here: https://mastodon.social/@inliniac

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