Suricata 0.8.1 released

Yesterday the OISF development team released Suricata 0.8.1. This release is much improved from our December 31st release. It is way more stable, performs better and has more features. Thanks to the now included HTP library we have much better HTTP handling. The stream engine has seen massive improvements. Initial experimental CUDA code has been added. Initial Win32 support has been added. We’ve added number of missing rule keywords. Many bugs were fixed.

Personally I’m very excited about the help we have gotten from the community. Quite a few patches from community members were applied in this release. Thanks everyone!

Next week the OISF team and a number of experts are meeting up in Istanbul. We’ll be working on crunching a number of technical challenges, sharing ideas and we will start our brainstorming on future development. If you have any ideas about where you think IDS/IPS should go, please let us know so we can discuss it and possibly include it in our future plans.