One year of (public) Suricata

Today exactly one year ago we released the first public version of Suricata, tagged 0.8.0. It was the first beta version. Six months later we released Suricata 1.0.0, the first stable release. Since then we’ve been doing 3 more releases: 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.1 beta 1.

It has been an very exciting year, with a lot of press and community interest for our project. Also, a lot of work has been done in the past year. I already wrote that our performance has increased a lot.

There have been over a thousand commits to our source code management system (git), more than all previous development together. Or as git shows it: “548 files changed, 193714 insertions(+), 39606 deletions(-)”. Quite impressive. Almost 20 developers have contributed code, some paid by OISF, some from our consortium members, some from the community.

Exactly one year ago, our codebase had a size of 120k lines of code. Today, we’re looking at 269k lines of code. Admittedly this includes our 2264 unittests (up from 1191), but still a large increase. In short in 2010 we’ve shown to the world we’re building a exciting and thriving project!

For 2011 we are in great shape. We have a stable 1.0.2 release and a promising upcoming 1.1 release. Emerging Threats (and also Emerging Threats Pro) has a tuned and optimized Suricata ruleset. Additionally, one of the 1.1 goals is to continue to fully support VRT’s ruleset.

Soon we’ll be starting work on Suricata 2.x, so there are exciting times ahead!

Happy New Year everybody! 🙂

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