SidReporter beta2 released

A little over a week ago the second beta of the SidReporter from Emerging Threats was released (see I’ve been working with Matt Jonkman to setup this new project at Emerging Threats, mostly in writing the reporter scripts. I think it’s an exciting new project that could provide the community with great information. As Matt wrote on the initial announcement:

“As mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been working to bring out tool to anonymously report IDS/IPS hits. Similar to DShield’s firewall log reporting, we believe we can make some incredible data inferences with this information, as well as help improve the quality of our signatures while giving us all feedback to tune our rulesets.

But that’s just the start. As with DShield’s data, I think we’ll run into benefits to the community that we can’t even imagine until we start to look at the data.”

The next step for the reporter is adding support for getting the events from Sguil. Expect to see that soon!