Upgrading Sguil 0.7.0 to 0.8.0 from CVS

Sguil 0.8.0 was recently released, so it was time for an upgrade. Since I remembered the last major upgrade to be quite a bit of work I wasn’t looking forward to the new upgrade. However, to my surprise it was a breeze. Here is what I did.

On my Sguild server called “owl” — I’d like to think it’s very wise — I first went to my sguil directory, where the CVS checkout lives. There I did a “cvs up”. Next it was time to upgrade the database:

owl:/usr/local/sguil/server/sql_scripts# ./update_0.8.tcl
This script is used for upgrading from Sguil Version 0.7.x
to Sguil Version 0.8.x only.

Use these scripts at your own risk. Be sure to back
up your data before proceeding!!
Do you want to continue? (y/N) y
Database password: ***
Enter path to sguild.users file: /etc/sguild/sguild.users
Connecting to database…Success.
Trying to use database sguildb…Success.
Sguild DB Versions: 0.13
Migrating your password file (/etc/sguild/sguild.users) to the database:
Updating user name sanc
Updating user name victor

** Finished. The DB has been upgraded. **


After this I started the sguild process and it came up just fine. Next I did “cvs up” on all sensors, restarted the agents. A final “cvs up” on my desktop and sguil.tk was updated as well.

The total upgrade took me only a few minutes and I’ve not encountered any regressions. Impressive work by Bamm and his team!