Suricata Training Tour

After a lot of preparations, it’s finally going to happen: official Suricata trainings!

In the next couple of months I’ll be doing at least 3 sessions: a home match (Amsterdam), a workshop in Luxembourg and a session at DeepSec. Next to this, we’re planning various US based sessions on the East coast and West coast.

I’m really looking forward to doing these sessions. Other than the official content, there will be plenty of room for questions and discussions.

Hope to see you soon! 🙂


Last month I attended the DeepSec conference in Vienna. I enjoyed it a great deal. It was good to be back in Vienna. Had a few good meetings with my friend Adi with who I work on the Vuurmuur project.

I assisted Matt Jonkman in his Snort Signature writing class. We had a nice group of people and using the Emerging Threats SandNet we could deal with pretty interesting samples to write signatures for. Even though my expertise is more on the code level of Snort I felt I could still contribute something to the sessions.

On the last day Matt and I did the first Open Infosec Foundation brainstorm session. I think it was very useful and the crowd was very responsive. After this encouraging experience we are planning to attend more conferences to do similar sessions. Suggestions about which conferences would be interesting (and why) are very welcome!

First OISF brainstorming session on Deepsec

Next November I will be attending Deepsec in Vienna. Matt Jonkman is giving a workshop there and I will be helping/assisting him with it, it’s called ‘Protocol Analysis for Writing Snort Signatures’. If you’re interested, sign up for it! While we are there we will also host the first brainstorming session for OISF. The idea is to get together with everyone thats interested and talk about how our next generation IDS/IPS should look like. But it’s not just about the technology, we also seek input about how to organize the project, about licensing, etc. So if you’re at Deepsec and got some time to spare, be sure to join us in the brainstorming session!