Next week I’ll be in Chicago, IL for a OISF team meeting. We’ll be discussing features, work flow, job applications, contractors, etc. I’ll probably update my blog from there on the progress. If you’re interested in OISF and/or you’re around there, please let me know. Maybe we can try to meet up!

OISF bylaws draft up for comments

The OISF is a non profit foundation and we’ve created a bylaws document to govern it that is now up for comments. See the announcement here. It’s a draft so if you have comments about it, please speak up soon so we can see if it needs to be adjusted!

One thing that excites me a lot is that it also specifies the OSS license we’re going to use: the GPLv3.

OISF is hiring

Funny how things go: not long ago I posted here that I was looking for (contract) work, today I’m posting that we’re looking for people to work for us at the OISF project 🙂

Anyway, have a look at Matt Jonkman’s announcement here.

If you’re interested or know someone that is, please contact us!